Thursday, 28 January 2016

Mini Scrapbook

Good Morning Crafters
Pandy sharing with us today a mini scrapbook made using cards.
Products used on this project can be found on the Personal Impressions website.
We have a Stockist Locator on the home page to find a stockist near you!
You will need the following:
4 Card Blanks
Marianne Designs French Roses Paper
Crystal Stickers
Ruler and Pencil
Fold the card blanks down their score line and mark the centre of the spine.

Measure 1½” along from the centre mark along the spine – and ½” in from it. 
Draw in the side boxes and cut along the pencil lines leaving the centre hinge. 
Do this on all of the card blanks.
Keep one spine as it is for the middle of the book – score one spine a tiny bit out each side of the line so it will sit snuggly round the inner page. 
Score another spine a little wider to fit round both the pages – and the last a little wider to sit as the cover.

Line up the pages inside of each other and punch a hole in the centre of the spine.
Lay the ribbon down the outside of the spine – wrap the ends inside the album – bring the ends out through the hole – take one end either side of the ribbon and tie tightly in a knot. 
Then and add fibres and beads to decorate. 

Add papers to the pages – and add your photos and embellishments.
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Many thanks for visiting today!
Enjoy your Day!

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