Monday, 30 November 2015

Paper Weight or Candle Tower!

Good Morning Crafters
We have a conundrum for you today, Pandy has a project which could either be a paper weight or a candle tower?  What do you think?
Check out the Stockist Locator on the Personal Impressions website for a stockist near you for products Pandy has used in her project.
You will need an old wooden block - nothing special – I found this one in the street on the way home and felt sorry for it!
Marianne Design Pretty Papers Bloc - French Roses
Memento Ink Pad - Rose Bud
Ranger Distress Ink Pad - Walnut Stain
Ranger Crackle Accents
Any basic paint to undercoat the wood block
PVA Glue
Step 1
Give your wood block a couple of light coats of a basic acrylic paint to seal it and give the PVA something to adhere to.
Step 2
Tear up pages of the French Roses papers into small, rough chunks - don't be tidy - the rougher the better.  Ink all the edges with the Memento ink pad Rose Bud p leave until it is really dry.

Step 3
Coat one side of the wood block and about 1” of each side around it with PVA.  In a saucer - water some of the PVA down.  Put a few pieces of paper on the wood face.  Dip more pieces of paper into the diluted PVA and add on top.  Keep going until you have filled one side and covered the edges.  You will need to leave each side to dry before you start on another side – cover 5 sides of the wood block.

Step 4
When everything has dried really well – ink over all the edges with the Memento ink pad Rose Bud.  When the ink has really dried coat all the covered sides with the Ranger Crackle Accents – leave until it’s fully dried and all the crackles appear.  You can leave it like this if you like the brighter look.
Kitten tip – you can’t rush it – if you heat Crackle Accents you will spoil the finish!

Step 5
 Use the edge of the Ranger Distress Ink Pad – Walnut Stain to rub over the cracks that appear in the glaze – then buff off with a paper towel to remove the excess.  Cut a shape out of card, felt or green baize for the base and glue on with PVA. 

Use your finished block as a door stop – a paper weight – a stand for an ornament – or add a heat proof base and use as a candle pillar.
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