Thursday, 3 September 2015

Bo Bunny Tag and Slip Cover

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Today we are sharing Pandy's tutorial with you.
BoBunny Zip-a-dee-doodle 6 x 6 papers
BoBunny Zip-a-dee-doodle Layered Chipboard embellishments
Ranger Craft Tag #5 Kraft

Step 1
Take 1 sheet of 6” x 6” paper and on the back draw a line from corner to corner to find the centre of the paper.
My tag is 6cm wide so I marked along each side of the centre line just over 3cm – and scored down these lines.
Step 2
Fold over and crease well.
Score and crease the top point along the space between the points.
Score and crease the bottom about 1cm above the points
Step 3
You will need to trim off the point of the paper that is going to be on the inside of the wrap – the point of the other side will wrap round to the back side.
Trim the bottom flap off to leave about 1cm – and trim the paper from the inside of the bottom flap.
You will end up with a shape something like this – the dashed lines are the folds.
Step 4
Use double sided tape the secure the wrap front – the bottom flap – the top flap down.
Step 5
To make the paper ribbon.
Stick a strip of double sided tape across the length of a 6” paper.
Trim the paper and tape at the same time to the width you require – 1cm / 1.5cm
Step 6
Fold the paper ribbon in half.
Step 7
Tear off half the backing strip and lay the tag cover onto the side with the backing strip still on.  That way you can get the paper ribbon exactly where you want it to sit before you finally stick it down.
Step 8
Trim the paper ribbon to a point – add a chipboard embellishment.
Stamp / decorate the tag and pop inside the slip cover.

This would be great to use at Christmas too for those gift vouchers!
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