Thursday, 27 August 2015

An Interview with Lindsay Mason

Good Morning
Today we have an interview with the very talented Lindsay Mason.
Grab yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy this interview which is quite long with lots of photographs of Lindsay's amazing work!
You can find Lindsay's stamps etc on the Personal Impressions website with a stockist locator on home page to find a stockist near you!
We were super excited when Lindsay agreed to do this interview for us and before we start here are a couple of her very own creations.

Q. How and when did you get into crafting?
A. I've always crafted, drawn and painted... I preferred making things to playing with dolls! My at teacher Mrs Doughty, was a big inspiration and always encouraged me.  On leaving school I went to college where I studied art, intending to become a teacher.  However, I realised that I really wanted to pursue an art career and have followed this path ever since... sometimes more successfully than others!  Along the way I exhibited my paintings here and overseas, owned a gallery with my late husband, ran children's craft parties and worked on displays at Hobbycraft stores... to name a few things - being freelance means that you have to be versatile!
Q. When did you come up with the idea for your stamps?
A. I was doing stamping demonstrations for Personal Impressions and it occurred to me that I could design stamps myself.  So, I cam up with some initial designs and sent them to PI. It was quite a while before I got the call to say that they loved the designs and it all snowballed from there really.

Q. What do you love about stamping and making cards?
A. I confess that I was quite dismissive of stamping when it first started to be seen in the UK all those years ago!  It was only when I really started to look into it that I realised the possibilities.  I love the fact that, with one stamp, you can create so many different finished pieces.  Card making is just one aspect of course and, nowadays, people are being much more adventurous, exploring mixed media and home décor projects incorporating their stamps.
Q. Over the years have you found your style change and evolve?
A. Over he years my style has evolved of course, though people tell me they can usually recognise my work!  To begin with it was very much the cuter style that I concentrated on, but now I have several ranges such as Zendoodle and Doo Lally Pip, which are my favourite images to work on. I really enjoy drawing the quirky characters.  I'd like to create some more seriously eccentric figures too!

Q. What inspires you when designing your stamps?
A. Inspiration for my designs comes from everywhere really.  I spend quite a bit of time on trains and that's always a good chance to think up new ideas whilst I'm looking at a constantly changing view through a window.  Sometimes a phrase might grab my attention such as "Sat here like Piffy on a rock cake" which my mum used to say - that led to one of my Doo Lally Pip sets!  Other times it might be just doodling on paper with no specific ideas that a character will emerge.
Q. Do you have a favourite project you created?
A. I don't really have one specific favourite project but there are always pieces that just seem to work well and come together exactly as I had in mind.  I do like creating canvasses and wall hangings as they can be enjoyed as permanent displays.  I have always like to make people smile, so if someone looks at something I've made and it gives them a happy feeling, then I feel it's a success.
Q.  What advice would you give a new crafter?
A.  I'd say don't be nervous of trying new things or stretching yourself.  It's very easy to get stuck in a rut and keep doing what one's comfortable with.  If you can get along to workshops they are a great way to try new things as well as being rally fun, social occasions too of course.
Q. What is your favourite piece of crafting equipment?
A. That's a really tricky one! As my first love is drawing I would have to have pencils, fineliner pens and paper... but then I'd also want to add paints and inks for colour!  Am I allowed to have all that?!
Q. Do you have any exciting plans for the future?
A. There are exciting things afoot right now but I can't really reveal anything about them at the moment - "watch this space" is the boring answer!

Thank you so much Lindsay for a fabulous interview.
I hope you have enjoyed today's blog post and please do leave a comment.
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  1. Good interview and amazing work as usual x

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